Spending money - your honest guide!

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked by our Vibrators: “How much spending money should I bring for my Kiwi VIbes tour of New Zealand?”

As harsh or blunt as it may sound, the answer shouldn't surprise anyone; the more you bring, the more you’ll be able to see and do.

Our tours are epic - there’s absolutely no denying it. We show you the coolest local spots in NZ (often hidden) as well as giving you the chance to tick off some of those classically Kiwi activities that you’ve heard/seen all about.

But while our tours are “mostly-inclusive”, a number of reasons stop them from being “all-inclusive”. The retail price of Kiwi Vibes tours are famously affordable when compared to any competitors on the market, and that’s important to us. As an 18-30-year-old, chances are you’re not exactly “balling” financially. Having optional add-ons throughout your tour helps us achieve a much more “wallet-friendly” tour price, something we know our Vibrators value!

Another reason our tours aren’t 100% all-inclusive; flexibility. Not everyone wants to hurl themselves out of a plane at 15,000 feet or leap off a platform with only a piece of rubber tied to your ankles. That’s where that keyword “optional” comes into play. Depending on your interests, or often budget, you’re able to essentially customise the activities you’ll experience throughout your epic tour!

Getting back to that oh-so-familiar question: “How much spending money will I need?”

The answer: NZ $200/day should see you doing almost everything you’re wanting to do while in New Zealand. Of course, if you can only afford to bring $50-$100/day, your trip will still be awesome! It may just involve a bit more “watching” than “experiencing”.

While all of the following activities are optional, we thought we’d put together a list of activities (and their prices) that you probably won’t want to miss.

1. Hobbiton

Undeniably, one of NZ’s biggest tourist attractions is the famous Lord of the Rings film franchise. Directed by Sir Peter Jackson (a proud Kiwi) the series of films was shot almost entirely in New Zealand and from that, a tourism industry in itself was born. ‘Hobbiton’ is the name of the set where The Shire scenes were filmed and it stands as it was during filming, to this day.
Price: $86

2. Skydiving

There’s absolutely nothing like it. Whether you’re a fan of heights or not, throwing yourself out of a plane 15,000 feet above the earth is bound to get your blood pumping. Thanks to our breathtaking scenery, New Zealand has become somewhat famous for skydiving, and a healthy industry has developed here over the last 20 years.
Price: $279 (12,000 feet) or $359 (15,000 feet)

3. Bungee Jumping

Did you know: the first commercial bungee operation was launched in New Zealand in 1986 by one of the pioneers of the sport, AJ Hackett (another proud Kiwi). Since then, we’ve become known for being the home of bungee jumping, and for good reason. If it’s adrenaline you’re after, this is a must!
Price: $180

4. Tamaki Maori Village

A big part of New Zealand’s tourism industry centres around the history and heritage of our native people - the Maori. To experience a proper Maori culture event, you can’t go past the Tamaki Maori Village experience in Rotorua. Here you’ll learn about the Maori history or war, dance and living, as well as eating a traditional ‘hangi’.
Price: $130 (includes meal)

5. Sunset Harbour Boat - Raglan

On the last night of all Kiwi Vibes summer tours, we call the beautiful surf town of Raglan home for the night. As part of this, an optional sunset harbour cruise is available for those wishing to partake. Included in the cruise are delicious Kiwi ‘fish and chips’, as well as discounted drink deals on board. Trust us, it’s worth saving your last $49 for.
Price: $49 (includes meal)

There you have it: our 5 ‘optional’ activities we’d recommend budgeting for. Of course, there’s far more on offer during your tour than simply these five, so again; the more spending money you can bring, the better.

While you’ll need to pay for activities like this, as well as a handful of lunches and dinners, we’ve of course got your covered for all breakfasts, accommodation, transport, some lunches and dinners and some activities (goldmine tour, museum tour, wine tasting, etc.)

For any further questions regarding spending money (or anything else), drop us a line: hello@kiwivibes.com

Peace out, Vibrators!
KV xx