Two Kiwi Mates

Kiwi Vibes Tour Co. is the sweet, sweet love child of two mates who met way back in their university days. Chris and Ben knew for years they were destined to do more with their lives than 'work for the man' and, after an idea in 2016, Kiwi Vibes was born.

Both legends have spent years traveling different parts of the world, often together, and always knew there was an opportunity to do something no one else was doing. With the help of their awesome team, Chris and Ben managed to turn their dream into a reality, and are passionate about offering the most incredible tours of New Zealand for epic 18-30s!

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"Couldn't have asked for a better company to tour NZ with! Felt like a road-trip with a bunch of new mates!"

- Emily,
Brighton, U.K.

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Ben - Director, Ops Manager

Ever heard the term 'chilled'? What about 'go with the flow'? That's Ben. As an experienced engineer, Ben brings a keen eye for detail to Kiwi Vibes and mixes it with the most epic 'happy go lucky' attitude you'll see this side of the Pacific Rim. Almost always rocking a well-worn pair of 'jandals', the only thing Ben really takes too seriously is his passion to make sure every Kiwi Vibes tour is the best bloody time of your life!

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Chris - Managing Director

Known to his friends as a bit of a goofball, Chris likes to look at every new day as a different opportunity to have fun. With a background in radio, television and marketing, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge of people's behaviour and communication. As Managing Director and one of the proudest Kiwis you ever did see, Chris plays a large role in ensuring the 'vibe' of Kiwi Vibes is as kick-ass as possible!

Emma - Customer Service

Hey I'm Emma! After travelling the world myself for a few years I came back to NZ and have been with Kiwi Vibes since the start! I'm pretty passionate about my country and showing it off, and I love being part of a company that does that. I'm usually the person behind any emails or chats you have with us, so don't be afraid to say hi!

Tom - Sales & Marketing

Kia ora guys, Tom's the name! I'm a bloody proud Kiwi with a fair bit of experience traveling and working in tourism. I started out as a guide for Kiwi Vibes and worked my way into what we like to call the best office in the world, looking after all things sales and marketing. I like to fish and surf, and I love this black and white filter because you can't see my ginger hair - yusss!

Tessa - Ops Coordinator

I never know what to write for these things... I'm Tessa - I started as a summer intern with Kiwi Vibes and just never left, because well why would you?? I look after the intricacies of all things bookings and I love working for a company that does what we do. I'm one proud little Kiwi, and I love being able to show my country off to so many awesome people from all over the world!



Loves a good tongue out photo.


Loves a "babe" and "sweetheart"


Giant child. Always confused.


Blackout drunk? Challenge accepted.


"I was born to be a guide". We can't get rid of him.